Posted by Snail - Apr 18,2018

Trailless Step Is Now Live!

Fly for victory, the new version of Age of Wushu Dynasty Trailless Step is Now Live!


The "Trailless Step" is now available to download! Come explore the "Delightful Pleasure Boat" which have sailed Jianghu from the mysterious west, test your flying skills and compete with others in the race mode, learn the devastating hidden martial art, the perish stab, and deflect any attack with chi of protection! 


The Race of Flying Skill

The flying skills are what differs heroes from civilians, it’s very basic for any martial artists. Some even say, only when you firmly run on the wall, do your life in Jianghu begins. In the Race of flying skills, which will only be available for 15 minutes every half an hour from 11:30 to 23:30 on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, the wits and agility of heroes will be tested.


Delightful Pleasure Boat

Is it a tender land full of songs and dance, or a casino where life matter less than gold. No one knows where the Delightful Pleasure Boat comes from and there is only one way to solve this puzzle, to get into that magnificent boat. Be prepared for the elite hired thugs, deep secret and of course myriad treasures.


Perish stab

The best martial art is the one with no patterns to follow. The perish stab is another legend that mastered only by the few. It is like painting a picture, but the foe is the canvas and the ink is red.