Posted by Snail - Sep 29,2017

Battlefield of Asura Now Live


The beacon of war been out for a while, a series of new changes are coming to Jianghu now, the Battlefield of Asura Update! The conflict of Bloodbath Gate escalates to the Cross-server Overworld battles where heroes challenge the world boss. The level cap has been raised to 100 when all instances are more difficult to raid. To conquer Jianghu again, you will need new powerful skill sets, Alluring Sting and Heavenly Mysteries. The season is changing, so does your wardrobe. Asura Costume, Mortal Shadow, and Jade Brocade Gown are added for trail now. Rove on the new mount, Rouge, and Buffalo, with Wolf Staff in your hand. Are you ready for the Battlefield of Asura Update?



Cross-server World BOSS Challenge Coming


The Bloodbath Gate conflict has been escalated into cross-server world Boss raid gameplay in the new update. The area has been enlarged with more ancient battlefield elements. Once you reach level 80, you can join the Cross-server Overworld, a perfect combination of strategy and fast-paced battles. Finish suggested missions to get corresponding rewards. The world boss will appear at a certain time every day with system notices sent to all players. 



New Level Cap 100 Now Available


The difficulty of Jianghu challenges has been raised since the new level cap reaches 100. Besides the character levels, new equipment, skills and treasures are offered. Invite your friends to brand new instances and Endless Dungeon till level 120 to get abundant rewards and glory! 



Benefits Everywhere In Jianghu


The operation team has prepared more benefits than ever in the Battlefield of Asura updates, while the rewards of world Boss, School Tasks and School Raid has been raised. Anyone finishes the Yanmen Pass (Hell) has a chance to win Jade martial art page and Pet Accessory. PVP mode has become more worthy to try out, the Forbidden Peak, Hua Peak and School War, due to super valuable payments. 



Relaxed Jianghu Life with less burden


The new update will cut out useless gameplay system to save players` time. Jianghu Legend Rewards’ trial time has been upgraded from 20 layers to 10 layers, while its rewards doubled.  

Tap to collect function has been added to Survivor Battlefield, leaving no chances to miss out the gameplay. Quick Skip could let you jump to level 11 directly in World Journey. All these changes would let you out of the troublesome situation of complex daily tasks. 


New danger and opportunity are rising in Jianghu! Are you ready for the Battlefield of Asura Update?