Posted by Snail - Jul 20,2017

Bloodbath Gate Update Now Live!


In times of peace, it's easy to forget the bloodshed of war. But the battle is about to return to Jianghu in the Bloodbath Gate update. Pull off stunning raids in the new Yanmen Pass adventure to reap fabulous treasure. Pre-set your favorite skill combinations with Battle Plan, and switch between them with ease. You can also show your creative side with a new outfit function that allows you to dye your favorite threads different colors. As battalions form on the front lines, it's time for you to make your choice. Will you choose Jianghu? Don't miss Age of Wushu: Dynasty's Bloodbath Gate update!




Yanmen Pass

The new Yanmen Pass adventure is incredibly beautiful, taking you across ancient battlefields and through ancient monuments. Invaders from the north threaten the delicate peace of the realm--do you have what it takes to defeat them? There are four Bosses in the Yanmen Pass that you'll need to defeat to claim victory for yourself: Huyan Xiao, Arughtai, Xing Zhongtian and Lakhuto. Don't underestimate their strength!




Huang Heng's Treasure

A mysterious treasure map is filled with clues to the location of precious goods, and it's up to you to find them. With the help of a compass, find the spot where treasure is buried and start digging! The amazing rewards available include Ancient Scroll Fragments of martial arts, mounts, dyes and so much more.



Cloak Treasure Insert

Cloak inserts allow you to increase your might with a token of treasure. The treasure can be collected in Yanmen Pass or through other battles, and can be refined, purified, and upgraded just like other treasure. 



Outfit Dyeing & Role Swap

Show your creative side with the all-new outfit dyeing feature. The Dyes can be collected as rewards from Huang Heng's Treasure. Role Swap, another new feature, is also shaking things up. Using Yin Yang Powder, male characters can become female characters, or the other way around. However, Ying Yang Powder is off limits to the male characters of Shaolin, female characters of Emei and married players.