Posted by Snail - Jun 2,2017

Maverick Warriors Update FAQ


It's been a few weeks since the Maverick Warriors Update first dropped. We've gotten your bug reports, and we're working hard to fix the issues and make SoS as awesome as possible for all of you! Check out this FAQ if you're still having some troubleshooting issues: 


1.    If there is loading resource error after the update has downloaded (such as MD5 or a similar notice), please switch to another network service or re-download the game. 


2.    If no login UI appears, please re-download the game.


3.    If there is a server connection problem, please switch to another network and try again.


4.    If there you encounter serious lag, please switch to another network and try again.


5.    If the game crashes, clear your cache and try again.


6.    If your character is already in-game during login, wait 10 minutes and try again.


7.    If the UI disappears during PVP, please switch off the Rage Camera and save your settings.



If your problem isn't mentioned in the above list, please e-mail our tech support team at and explain the problem, and attach relevant screenshots if possible. They'll be able to assist you further. Thanks for all your support!