Posted by Snail - May 17,2017

Maverick Warriors Update Now Live!


Forces rise while a foul wind and a rain of blood has stormed Jianghu. In the latest update, the Scholars finally appear with new features, including Survivor Battlefield and Cross-server Guild War. It is said that someone has found a long lost top-rated Internal Skill recently. Join the battle and become the maverick warriors! A foul wind is blowing across Jianghu, and blood rains down on the plains. In the Maverick Warriors Update, the Scholars sect emerges from the shadows to dominate in new features, including the Survivor Battlefield and the Cross-Server Guild War. There are new Internal Skills to master, and plenty of other features to discover. Get the Age of Wushu: Dynasty Maverick Warrior Update today!



In the Scholars Sect, Wisdom and Elegance Win the Day


The Scholars sect makes their home among rivers and lakes, and they are especially keen on the symbolism of the lotus. Known as the most graceful school among all eight, Scholar disciples are talented, knowledgeable, gentle and honest, pursuing freedom and justice. Their most famous skill, Fancy Footwork, is a prime example of their delicate (and super powerful) martial arts style.




 In Survivor Battlefield, Nature is an Enemy


Warriors who reach a certain level can join the Survivor Battlefield, a fierce new arena in which players battle to be the last warrior standing, and to accumulate as high an arena score as possible. It's most unique feature is the presence of natural forces--falling rocks, strong winds, and other natural disasters can strike at any time. Any player who completes the Survivor Battlefield will receive a limited edition title: Demon Official.




Chaotic Cross-Server Guild Wars Take Over Jianghu


The cross-sever war rages on day after day. Now, however, the fight is waged not just by individual players but by whole guilds. Elimination round matchups are held from Monday to Thursday. The Top 16 guilds will join the finals on Friday and Saturday. 



The rules of cross-server battles remain the same, but strategies will change. The leader of each week's victorious guild will get one outfit: Heaven Sword. All members from the top four guilds will receive a brand new mount: Black Narcissus. 




Upgrade Your Equipment and Treasure with Might Boost


The new update introduces all new opportunities for players to increase character might. Players can use the [Treasure] - [Purification] function to refresh the field attributes of their equipped treasure, thus obtaining perfect treasure. By choosing [Craft] - [Transform] – [Equipment Attributes Transform], you can transform basic and special attributes to create your own unique equipment style.