Posted by Snail - Mar 2,2017

Storm Chaser Now Live!

New challenge: Chapter 10 is now open! Evil forces have emerged from darkness once again to overthrow the delicate peace of the realm. Fortunately new double-seater mounts have arrived to mobilize warriors quickly against the rising tide of destruction. Jianghu needs a hero who will rise above the rest to lead all warriors in the struggle for justice. Are you ready to take up the mantle? Now's your chance--Age of Wushu: Dynasty's Storm Chaser Update has arrived!

The Journey Never Ends: Level Cap Raised to 90


We've raised the level cap to 90, allowing players to go even further on their journey through Jianghu. Chapter 10 is now available as well, along with level 110 of the Endless Dungeon and the level 85 Quenching Slot. Now Wushu's martial arts warriors can achieve legendary status like never before!



Take on Jianghu with Trusted Companions


Good relationships need more than just a marriage--lots of effort goes in to becoming a Wushu power couple! Why not try out one of the update's new Couples Quests or check out the Intimacy System? You can also whisk your SO around for a night on the town in one of two new double-seater mounts: Tiger Valley and Snow Ape. What's more romantic than cuddling up with your partner on a mount and listening to their heartbeat?


A Day at the Races--Wushu Style!

Ever wanted to try your hand on the racetracks? Now you can race aloft your own Seabiscuit in the new cross-server Horse Racing feature! Choose between two different types of races, pick your own mount, and exercise your awesome control skills. There are plenty of awesome rewards to be won, so get down to the tracks!


Something Strange Afoot in Jianghu


Ever had an interaction you couldn't quite explain? Life is full of surreal moments, and we want to help you capture them. Check out our new Strange Encounters System, and earn Activity points in a variety of ways. Players can also interact with NPCs to increase their Luck, and who knows what could happen to you if you get lucky enough!



All New Martial Arts on the Scene


TheStorm Chaser Update also expands the current Martial Arts Scroll to include the famous martial arts school known as the Tangmen and their new Martial ArtsVoid Blade.School Tier 4 Internal Skill, new Meridian,is also availablenow available. Don't let your enemies get the upper hand--get these skills under your belt ASA