Posted by Snail - Apr 11,2016

Jianghu Review


March madness has finally faded and now it's time for April Awesome in Age of Wushu Dynasty! Don't miss out on all the fun and action taking place in the land of Jianghu, check out the latest news all in one place with this Jianghu Review!



Sip of Poison


What does it take to be the ultimate Mt Hua champion? It takes skill, it takes determination, and sometimes it takes a little good old fashioned poison. Or so the name suggests with the subject of our first ever Mt Hua champion interview - the tangmen terror from US-S3 Emei!



Check out the full interview and learn from the best as you battle your way to the top of the balanced arena tables! Read more HERE:


First AoWD "Shi Fu's" Chosen!


Nearly 2 weeks ago we put out the call - we are looking for the true masters of Age of Wushu Dynasty to show our newbies the ropes. Many of you answered the call, and it's with great pride that we announce the first round of winners to win the exclusive "Shi Fu" title for their scholarly excellence!



ManHumpingGoat from CA-S1 Arhat Hall

Tiny AU-S1 Amber Plains

DiepLienTu from EU-S2 Ruined Valley

Hoitem from US-S4 Shaolin

Nue from SEA-S1 Sabre



This masters proved their wisdom by answering questions on our official User Guide forums, and so can you! Earn this exclusive title by visiting the Forum and answering the questions for our constant influx of new players today! Learn more HERE:



Straight from the Furnace


Speaking of Jianghu experts, learn from the true wizards of wushu with our latest community-contributed game guide. This week, we join Hiori as they discuss the in's and out's of using the powerful Yanyang Blade skill set!






Think you've got knowledge to share, and willing to put your money where your mouth is? Join our Masters Guide event on our forum for a chance to win in-game Gold! Guides posted that are chosen will be featured on our official site, as well as the writer receiving a rewards of Gold!



Weekend Events


Did you miss out on the special deals on rare skill sets this weekend? Never miss out again! Check our official Events postings on our website to get all the best news and updates about in-game events, including special deals and sales!