Posted by Snail - Mar 4,2016

Highest Honor - Guild Spotlight

As the struggle for dominance in Jianghu rages and heroes across schools and nations band together to fight, we take a moment to recognize the powerful forces ruling the day in Age of Wushu Dynasty. In this inaugural edition of our new community spotlight piece, we talk with one of the top guilds from the server US-S1 Wudang. Join guild spokesman Khal as he introduces us to the powerhouse HONOR in our first episode of Guilding the Lily - AoWD Guild Spotlight!



Reaching the Highest HONOR


In the early days of Age of Wushu Dynasty, on the US Server Wudang1, there was once a guild called SevenSins. In that guild, there were five people who seemed to be the most active and always got along:


Khal (myself)


SevenSins was a top 10 guild at the time, but there was no communication or comradery in the guild. The leader rarely interacted with the rest of us, and it always left us yearning for more. Yanz at the time was the strongest fighter in the guild and was one of the most powerful wudang on the server. He always wanted more of a community, so he spent his hard earned money to make a website that was dedicated to SevenSins.



When it looked apparent that our guild would not embrace the community we were trying to build, Yanz had the idea to start his own guild. Going directly against the mantra of sins...he decided to name the guild HONOR.


Quickly candy and myself joined, as well as the arch brothers. We were a small guild but we had that community and tight knit ability to welcome anyone willing to join our noble cause.


As weeks went by, Yanz made friends because of his strength and his welcoming heart, and he works tirelessly for his guild. Soon we were in the top 10 of guild ranks, and we did our first child raid. We lost. Badly. Lol. But from there we were able to bring on another big piece of the guild, TigerKing. TK was much like Yanz, and he was one of the most powerful Tang on the server, and currently is one of the strongest people period...then, a huge thing happened.



The top guild at the time, Immortal, disbanded.


A lot of the members were friends with Yanz and TK, so they defected to our cause. And those that have joined have added to our warm community. We help each other and those around us. We tirelessly hunt those that PK. We are now the 3rd most powerful guild on the server, and that is only the beggining.


Yanz has had a vision about how he sees our guild. The officers have roles, we hold guild events to help the weaker guildies, and we uphold HONOR for the entire server. As one of the strongest guilds, it's our duty to protect not only our guild from PKers and the perils of Jianghu, but also the server.


We stand against evil. We fight against Chaos and Anarchy...for HONOR!!!!



A big thanks to Khal for taking the time to share the unique and interesting story of HONOR with us. If you have a guild you think is noteworthy, we'd like to hear from YOU! Guilds interested in being featured for the Guilding the Lily spotlight piece should contact us at to enter themselves. Guilds chosen will receive a reward of Guild Contribution, as well as Gold for the contributing member.