Posted by Snail - Mar 2,2016

Imperial Court Now Live

As the gates to the palace open onto the throngs of people waiting eagerly to bear witness to the momentous occasion, impeccably clad guards stroll forth into the crowd, clearing the way for the emergence of the dynastic ruler. All the Schools of Jianghu stand in attendance, but little do they know that hidden among them lurk the agents of emperor, pushing forth an agenda behind the scenes. The struggle for dominance is far from over, and new conflicts boil over as Age of Wushu Dynasty ushers in the arrival of the Imperial Court!


We're very excited to announce that the Imperial Court update is now officially LIVE! Players can download the latest version from their respective app stores. The new update will replace the old version of the application on your device. 



The Imperial Update introduces a number of exciting new features, including:


Royal Guards - play as the new Royal Guards school, with their own unique home city, martial skills, internal skills, and more!


Mount Hua Competition - become the ultimate Jianghu champion with the awesome new 1v1 and 5v5 balanced PvP game modes!


Gleaming Peak - rule the land as a powerful Guild in this new large-scale Guild War game mode


New Skills, Weapons, and more


Check out the full patch notes for the update on our Official Update maintenance announcement HERE.


Be sure to record your login info and server before updating in order to ensure no issues logging. We recommend downloading the updated version over a stable WiFi connection to avoid any issues or complications with the new game files. For assistance on these or any issues with the update, be sure to contact us at