Posted by Snail - Jan 21,2016

Strive for Greatness - Wulin Arena

Determination. Grit. Discipline. These are the hallmarks of a true champion, the sacrifices made at the altar of greatness. The Wulin Arena will not simply hand you the title, the fame, the rewards you seek. Heroes must fight their way through opponent after opponent, working their way to the top to become the ultimate Wulin champion!


As the adventure in Age of Wushu Dynasty continues and masters around the world explore the violent and beautiful world of Jianghu, prepare to face the challenge and rise through the ranks of the Wulin Arena - one of the main structured PvP modes in the game. Learn how to make it to the top of Wulin in this latest addition to our series of official guides! 



The Call of Wulin


The Wulin Arena is a form of 1 on 1 PvP arena, and one of the major forms of PvP in Age of Wushu Dynasty. In this Arena, players are given a ranking, and must defeat those players above them in order to increase their ranking.



During these fights, both characters are controlled by AI, duking it out to the finish to decide the winner. Those who triumph move up in the rankings, receiving special rewards for each victory as well as daily bonus rewards based on their rank.



Take on All Challengers


The Wulin Arena is open all day until 10pm server time, at which point the ranks are locked and prizes for those ranks are delivered. To enter, players can select "Wulin Arena" in either the PvP menu, the Daily Menu, or simply find the Wulin Arena Recorder in Suzhou.



Players can view a number of different challengers, both above and below them in ranking. Defeating lower ranked players will yield some rewards, but only vanquishing higher ranked players will increase your own rank. Scroll through the potential opponents to find a suitable adversary - enemy Wulin Rank and Power Score are visible. Pick your target, click challenge, and watch the sparks fly! 



The Key to Victory


Without direct control over your character, achieving victory poses its own unique challenges. Here are some Tips and Tricks to help you on your way:


Read your Enemy 


There is more info available to you than simply Power Score and Rank - you can also see what their character looks like. Check which weapon they are using before you challenge them. From this you can predict their Skill Set, and make adjustments as necessary before you attack.


Flowing Downhill


Not all enemies above you in the ranks are created equal. While some may be high Power challengers, others may be weaker and more easy to attack. Be sure to sift through your options before making your challenge.


Reinvigorate Thyself


Don't feel you're stuck with the opponents you've got - there is a Refresh button for a reason, so use it! The refresh button will pull another random assortment of potential opponents you can challenge.


Learn from the Best


Checking the "Famous People" rankings list can show you who is at the top, and what kind of gear they are using, as well as their stats and Treasures. Be sure to check these out, and see how the best in Jianghu are building their champions.



Wulin Exchange 


In the Wulin Arena, Reputation is everything. Literally - that's the prize you earn from winning. With each victory, you will gain small amount of the resource known as "Reputation". In addition, you will receive a daily reward after 10pm each day based on your rank - the higher your rank, the more Reputation you'll get.



Reputation is a valuable resource, as it can be exchanged for precious treasures. With enough reputation, masters can gain rare Jade Quality Treasures to strengthen their hero.