Posted by Snail - Dec 22,2015

Ancient Wisdom - Jianghu Martial Skill Overview

The hero comes of age, and must set off from the safety of their home to discover what they are truly made of, to challenge themselves and take on the world in a bid to become the ultimate warrior. To do so, travelers must join a School, and from the tutelage of a master discover the ancient wisdom of generations of martial artists, practicing the forms and mastering the techniques. This process will require determination, but once complete a master emerges, stronger and more skilled, ready for a fight.


The Age of Wushu Dynasty global release is fast approaching, and fans around the world are getting excited. As we get closer, we continue our closer look at the exciting world of Jianghu and the unique heroes that occupy it. Today we take a closer look at some of the rare and powerful Marital Skill Sets waiting for courageous and cunning masters in this pre-release Official Guide: Ancient Wisdom.



Skills of Jianghu


Masters can gain Manual Fragments from a variety of different sources to gain access to and upgrade new Skills. As we've covered before, each School has several Internal Skills as well as a Martial Skill Set specific to their School. Participating in a number of School activities, such as School Spycraft, can yield these fragments.


However there are also many Martial Skills that come not from any specific school, but instead from the topsy-turvy and often chaotic world of Jianghu itself. These Skill Sets are often uniquely powerful, and can be acquired through a number of ways - loot drops in Forbidden Instances, purchased in the Forbidden Instance store, ranking highly in Tyrant Challenges, and defeating Jianghu Challengers, just to name a few.



As masters prepare to explore Jianghu and seek out these rare manuals, let's take a closer look at 4 powerful Jianghu Skill Sets:


Snow Sword


This elegant technique uses a single sword, and requires masters to glide and slash gracefully, summoning up frigid forces and freezing opponents.


Mount Hua Sword


Break through opponents' defensive bars and cut enemies to shreds with this vicious single sword skill set.


Yanyang Blade


Wielding a broad-bladed Falchion, this technique makes up for less brisk movements with pure power, as well as flying knock-back control effects.


Cruel Blade


This nimble yet powerful Falchion skill set boasts one of the highest Crit Rates in the game.





Ancient Art of the Empty Hand


In addition to these bladed techniques, the ancient masters of old have long since refined and perfected the art of unarmed combat. Throughout Jianghu, arguably some of the most powerful and rare Martial Skill Sets use no blade or bowstaff, no dagger or dart, but only the power of 10 fingers and 10 toes.


Tai Chi Fist


Harness the power of the "Way", this Daoist technique has large area of effect and highly explosive damage.


Drunken Fist


Even when blind drunk, many masters won't go down without a fight. The Drunken Fist is a very high damage set with a Heavy Rage state.


Dragon Claw


Unleash the power of the Dragon! This set boasts fast attacks, high damage, and rapidly repetitive attacks for a deadly PvP skill set.



More reveals for the exciting gameplay of Age of Wushu Dynasty will continue to roll out as we move closer to the global OB release, this January.