Posted by Snail - Dec 18,2015

Heroes Journey - Gameplay Reveal

The path to becoming the ultimate warrior is one of frantic combat and tranquil meditation, battles fought in seconds and in years, an adventure to the greatest heights and a struggle through the deepest lows. As new masters enter the chaotic world of Jianghu, discover the true way towards greatness in Age of Wushu Dynasty with this Official Guide: Heroes Journey - Gameplay Revealed!



A Day in the Life


In Age of Wushu Dynasty, masters can participate in a variety of daily activities to gain experience, riches, and loot on their path to kung fu greatness. Completing different activities will gain daily activity points, enough of which can unlock daily bonus awards. Roughly speaking, these daily activities can be grouped into 3 types: All Day, Time Limit, and PvP. As the names suggest - All Day activities can be done any time, Time Limit ones are set for specific times during the day, and PvP are activities that involve players challenging eachother in fights.



Whenever, Wherever


Looking first at All Day activities, these activities come in a wide variety offering both fun and rewarding gameplay, especially since they can be done during any time of day. They include: Story Missions, Trials, Jianghu Legends, Jianghu Adventures, Endless Dungeons, School Spycraft and Demon Challenges.


Story Missions are the most basic form of gameplay. Heroes can fight their way through enemies to take on increasingly powerful bosses and acquire valuable loot! Defeat one mission to unlock the next, and 3-star them by blazing through the mission to get better rewards.



Trials vary from day to day, offering rewards such as experience, cultivation points, and silver fragments, as well as treasures and even upgrading materials. Jianghu legends are open world bosses players can challenge, and a few strong heroes can join together for a Jianghu Adventure. Endless Dungeons face players with increasingly challenging opponents - defeat one wave to unlock the next, getting better rewards the higher you get. School Spycraft allows heroes to go undercover to steal manuals, or stand garrison to protect their own. Demon Challenges allow 3 players to take on a high-powered Demon to earn rare loot.


In the end, All Day activities offer a rich source of rare materials, especially Skill Manual fragments and materials for upgrading your gear. Play through them all, and you're sure to become a master!



Time is On My Side


Certain activities that require a particular collection of players are restricted to certain times of day: these are known as Time Limit events. Available only at these times, they make up for their limited availability with awesome rewards. They include: Tyrant Challenges, Team Practice, Kidnapping, and School Raids. Tyrant Challenges are world bosses that spawn at set locations at specific times of day, and they are powerful! Players will need to team up to bring down these, and rewards are issued based on rankings of damage dealt.


Given all the violence in Age of Wushu Dynasty, sometimes it's nice to take a break and relax. Players can join together in tranquil locales to peacefully practice their forms to gain huge amounts of Experience and Cultivation points through Team Practice.



For those with a mischievous heart, at certain times of day the city of Suzhou will be populated with offline players. Kidnap them and sell them on the black market to get a reward! But be careful - other players can attack you to set your hostage free, or to claim the bounty for themselves!


School Raids occur nightly and are a raucous good time! Every day 1 school is targeted at random, and when the battle drums roll out, all the other schools will Raid their home city to steal manuals! Snatch a manual and get it back to your own school for access to rare skill manuals, or defend your School to do the same.



You Want a Piece of Me?


In a world of martial artists, interpersonal conflict abounds. PvP plays a major role in Age of Wushu Dynasty, and as such has its collection of activities: Wulin Arena, Sky Arena, Sparring, Guild Raid, and Battlefields.



Challenge players and work your way up in the rankings with the Wulin Arena! Take on randomly matched enemies in head to head, one on one matches with the Sky Arena, or challenge fellow players to a friendly duel with Sparring. Think you and your friend are a good team? Then join the Battlefield, where players fight in 2 -v- 2 multiplayer combat. 


Players can also compete at the Guild level with Guild Raids, pitting the best of each Guild against the other in a series of PvP battles. Guilds fight over imperial accolades - win the battle to claim the title and with it riches and rewards.