Posted by Snail - Dec 17,2015

The Journey Begins - Progression Explained

Every story must have its first word, every journey its first step. There are many challenges on the road to becoming a Kungfu master, and you will face them all in Age of Wushu Dynasty! We're very happy to announce that we have now officially soft launched in Canada, and are fast approaching world release this January. To help prospective masters on their adventure, we've prepared this Official Guide to progression - a beginners guide to ultimate Jianghu power!

Unleash Your Power Score


On entering Jianghu, all heroes will notice their Power Score. This score is of vital importance, as it is a measure of the sum of all your whole character's strength: the weapons and skills you currently use, your equipment and the level to which it's been upgraded, the internal forces you've unleashed through Meridians, and more, just to name a few. Many game features will have a recommended Might, challenge yourself and see if you can beat hard missions!


A World of Adventure


There are so many different activities you can engage in throughout the world of Jianghu. As your character levels up, you will unlock new and exciting features to help you grow your character and become the ultimate Kungfu Master.


In the Daily Activities Tab, you can see all the activities you can take part in throughout the day. Complete different types of missions to gain daily points, and earn special chests as a reward! Each activity has its own unique rewards as well, from Loot Drops in Plot Missions to buying goods on the Wulin Arena Store. Here are some important Daily Activities you shouldn't forget:



Team Practice - only open certain times of day! Join with friends to do simple, meditative exercises in tranquil locations, and gain huge amounts of Experience and Cultivation points to power up your character!


Plot Missions - each plot mission will offer you a certain chance at valuable rewards in the form of loot drops. Pick the missions you want to see what you might get as loot. Beat levels faster to get 1, 2 and even 3 star ratings for better rewards! 3-star all the levels in a chapter to unlock valuable rewards chests.


PvP - a world of martial arts fighters would be nothing without fighting! Join in the Wulin Arena to challenge foes and climb your way to the top, go head to head in real-time with the Sky Arena, and team up for 2 on 2 battles with Battlefield. Each of these activities has a daily limit, and special double points bonus times, so plan ahead an join the fight!



Discover Ancient Wisdom


Skill manuals are the core unit for growing your master's powers. In order to learn new skills, masters must gather "fragments" of these ancient tomes, recombining them and studying them to unlock their hidden wisdom. Gather Skill Set manuals to unlock new combat techniques, and collect Internal Skill manuals to equip new Internal Skills and boost your attributes!


Getting Manual Fragments is challenging, but well worth it! They include:


Endless Dungeon - defeat wave after wave of foes to earn rewards, and if you're lucky some Skill Fragments!


Jianghu Adventures - team up with friends in team-based PvE adventures to discover skill fragments


School Spycraft - Spy on opposing schools or patrol your own to earn School Contribution points. Redeem these points at your own School to earn manual fragments from your school!


School Raids - Steal manuals from your enemies to gain access to rare manuals!



These and many more are your path to discovering new and exciting skills!



Exquisite Accoutrement


Dress to impress and carry a big stick to become the ultimate hero and establish your dynasty! Gear is a key part of increasing your character's power, here are some important things to know.


Gear Quality - Gear comes in 4 main qualities, in ascending order: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Jade. 


Upgrading - Gear can be upgraded in order to achieve more powerful attributes. The higher quality the gear, the higher you can upgrade them!


Progressing - Gear has its own level, but you can upgrade that level with the right resources!



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