Posted by Snail - Dec 9,2015

External Skills and Internal Powers


To master the ancient arts of Kung fu, a disciple must learn not only the physical forms and motions of combat, but must also become a master of their own internal state - controlling their breath and guiding their innermost energies even in the heated pitch of battle. This dual mastery is at the heart of traditional Kung fu, and likewise at the core becoming the ultimate martial arts champion in Age of Wushu Dynasty.


External Skills and Internal Powers


In Age of Wushu Dynasty, masters must attain manuals and learn skills to use in combat and increase their power. As in traditional martial arts, these skills come in two distinct forms: Martial Arts sets and Internal Skills.



Simply put, Martial Arts sets are the external actions of Kung fu - a combination of particular techniques, from blocking to attacking, that form the heart of combat. However, without a bountiful base to build on, even the most skillful techniques will prove ineffective. Internal Skills are this foundation - the HP, attack, defense, etc. that make up the characters unique attributes.


We've discussed Internal Skills previously, and for a refresher or those who missed it, check it out here.


Rally the Martial Call


Martial Arts sets come in a variety of types, both in terms of quality and weapon. Much like equipment, they will range from the simple Bronze to the rare and powerful Jade. For each Martial Arts set, a specific weapon must be equipped to make use of it - for example, the Taichi Sword requiring a Single Sword weapon to be equipped.



Each School has their own particular Martial Arts set, to which they have a distinct advantage. Masters from a school can gain valuable Skill Manual Fragments through completing special School activities, like School Spycraft or joining in a School Raid. In addition, only members of a specific school will be able to level up School-specific Martial Skill sets to their maximum. All masters can learn the Ruthless Staff, for example, but only the Shaolin can reach the full max level of 9.



Manual Collector


Besides those Skill sets available through school activities, manuals for numerous other special skill sets float around Jianghu, waiting for those with the courage, the strength, and the luck to find them. Bring down powerful Tyrant world bosses, join allies and descend into the depths of a Jianghu Adventure, and steal manuals in School Raids to collect fragments and learn these various skills.




Choose a Style, Master the Forms


In Age of Wushu Dynasty, Martial Skill Sets are also classified by certain types, specifically: Tough Set, Control Set, Ranged Set, Support Set, Explosive Set. Tough Sets focus on sustainability - moderate damage, but often include HP regeneration or high defensive bonuses. Control sets focus on control effects, such as knock-downs, stuns, etc. Ranged Sets focus on dealing damage from afar, while Support Sets involve boosts and buffs for a player and their allies. Lastly, Explosive Sets are pure power - high damage, high critical hit skills.

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