Posted by Snail - Nov 17,2015

Master True Power – Internal Skills Explained



To become the ultimate master in Age of Wushu Dynasty, heroes will need to enter the deepest recesses of their own mind, uncovering latent forces buried within and unleashing their inner power! In this Age of Wushu Dynasty Beta Test Preview, we take a closer look at Internal Skills – what they are, how they work, and how to use them to become the champion of Jianghu!



Like A Snowflake – Player Progression


When all heroes start their journey, they begin with the same base Attributes regardless of School or gender. As they grow, they will develop into a unique hero with distinct specialization, from a high damage fighter to a nimble ranged assassin, from knock-down controllers to HP regeneration support. Players will have several tools to carefully craft their ultimate warrior – Internal Skills being a major one.




Types of Internal Skills


Masters can practice a total of 3 Internal Skills at any given time. These Internal Skills come in 3 types: School Skills, Jianghu Skills, and Rare Skills.


School Skills can be acquired through a number School-based activities, including spying on other schools and raiding their stores of manuals. Masters will have an advantage in acquiring their own School’s Internal Skills, however every skill is available to all heroes, allowing unique cross-school character builds.


Jianghu Skills are more difficult to come by, and are acquired only through loot drops from important missions and through completing special Jianghu Adventures.


Rare Skills likewise are incredibly difficult to acquire, only available through completing arduous challenges.



Learning Internal Skills


Internal Skills can be acquired by collecting fragments of their relevant Skill Manual. These fragments appear throughout the world as loot drops and rewards for completing certain activities. Once a certain number have been acquired, players can learn and then “Practice” or equip the skill.


School Internal Skills Closer Look


Wudang Poise, Inner Focus, Boundless Sea

The Wudang Internal Skills are focused on defense and countering control effects like knock-downs and stuns. By increasing HP, Defense, and Parry, these Skills increase the sustainability of a Wudang warrior, allowing them to strike back with their own powerful knockdown attacks.




Emei Heart, Five Talismans, Flying Crescent

Emei Internal Skills focus on a combination of Attack and Parry, allowing the Emei to both hold her own against high damage attackers while unleashing her defense-breaking Parry ability with deadly effectiveness.




Tagnmen Ferocity, The Six Paths, Five Venoms

Tangmen Internal Skills focus on increasing the Tangmen’s deadly ranged attack’s high damage, crit rate, and special effects. The skills focus on Attack and Parry Penetration to ensure the most damage is dealt, as well as combining with the venomous poison effects of the Tangmen’s Martial Skills to leave enemies reeling.



Centeredness, Zen Balance, Subdue the Demon

Shaolin Internal Skills increase HP as well as Parry Penetration, allowing the Shaolin monks to both increase their ability to survive through the fight as well as negating a significant portion of their opponents’ attempts at defense.



We’ll continue to look closer and reveal more features of Age of Wushu Dynasty in the coming weeks. In our next piece, we preview the exciting cutthroat world of Jianghu PvP!