Posted by Snail - Nov 13,2015

Master the Arts – Combat System Revealed


Many challenges await heroes as they venture through the cutthroat world of Jianghu. In the world of martial arts, there are those who are bound by honor and also those gripped by greed and. Justice lies at the edge of a blade, and those who seek to thrive in the world of Age of Wushu Dynasty must learn to defend themselves. 

In Age of Wushu Dynasty, martial art masters will acquire a variety of skill sets, with which they can equip a variety of combat skills. These skills are the basis for a fast-paced and exciting combat system, requiring skill and cunning to master and achieve victory. Discover the power within in this pre-beta reveal – Combat System.




Different Schools, Distinct Skills


As we’ve seen before, in Age of Wushu Dynasty masters choose from one of 4 schools to join – the Wudang, Emei, Tangmen, and Shaolin. Each of these Schools offers unique opportunities to heroes and train themselves in martial skills, learning to fight with weapons ranging from swords and staffs to hidden daggers and the empty fist. 

These varying abilities are known as Martial Skill Sets – unique sets of combat abilities using a specific type of weapon. Although Schools offer advantages to their preferred skill sets, any master with the determination and fortitude can learn any skill set.



Practice the Forms


Each Skill Set is made up of the same basic component parts. Skills in a set come in 3 main varieties: Overt, Parry, and Feint.

An Overt take is a direct attack on the enemy. These skills are focused on dealing damage, and can often result in effects such as knockdowns and stuns when successfully landed on an undefended enemy.

A Parry is the ultimate counter to an Overt attack. By holding down the Parry ability, the hero will enter a defensive state, blocking a certain percentage of all damage. In addition, when the Parry Skill is not in cool-down, successfully blocking an Overt attack will result in a special Parry Skill – a powerful attack often incurring its own crippling effects.

A Feint is a special ability used to counter a Parry. While an enemy is in a Parry stance, a Feint can be used to break this stance, leaving the enemy unable to use Parry for a brief period of time. These attacks are less useful against an undefended enemy, however.

These 3 skill types form a “Rock, Paper, Scissors” system, requiring players to think on their feet and use their skills wisely in order to counter their enemy. All Skill Sets have 3 Overt Skills, 1 Parry Skill, and 1 Feint Skill, as well as a powerful “Rage Skill.” 



Beast Within – Rare Skills


In the heat of battle, even the most tranquil master can feel the burn of rage flaring up from within. If this force can be harnessed, the master can unleash a powerful barrage of high damage attacks in the form of a Rage Skill.

As a master takes and lands hits in combat, their Rage Bar will slowly fill. Once reached a certain point, the powerful Rage Skill can be unleashed. While executing a Rage Skill, heroes will enter a “Rage State”, leaving them partly or fully invulnerable to damage, knockdowns and counters. Lower level Skill Sets will enter a “Light Rage” state, whereas more powerful rare Skill Sets will enter a “Heavy Rage” state.

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